The Journey Continues | Laredo, TX

May 23, 2017


We all have our journey in life. BBQ has been a lifetime journey for me and competition bbq my journey for the last nineteen years, the last five years much more serious on the competition which has now led us to teaching instructing and mentoring others on similar journeys. This journey lead us to Laredo Texas this week, teaching a Competition Pitmaster class where we shared meat selection, rubs, injections, and techniques with several competition teams looking to take their skill to another level. Everyone present had a great time, and as usual went home with a lot of “information overload.”

A huge thanks to Tony Vedia for doing a great job organizing and marketing this event. Also, a really huge shout out and thank you to my great friend Alvaro Liendo and his wife Christina for allowing us to host the class at their beautiful home and for the amazing chicharon casserole breakfast they provided. There was plenty of shade and room for everyone to be comfortable.

We were also asked to do a photoshoot for a special upcoming event - it was so cool and we had a blast taking part in it. Picture and information will be following very soon. Stay tuned and make sure you follow the ArnieTex Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Twitter for updates!




This workshop was extra special as we had some big cameras on site capturing the experience to share in some upcoming special YouTube videos - you can expect to see these rolling out across all our social media channels very soon. The filming captured our Friday night where we made the chicken brine, injections for three main competition meats, and shared some award winning Grand Champion recipes. Saturday morning we started bright and early at 7 AM and lit the Good One smoker, loaded with Good One charcoal and proceeded to season and prep two briskets to cook in there. Then followed rib injection and seasoning to cook on the Hasty Bake Legacy model, and the chicken prep, injection and seasoning to cook on the Pit Barrel cooker using our favorite B&B hickory and oak Charcoal.


Question and answer was going on the entire time as the cameras rolled. One by one all were answered and when the meats were done and the cooks present were able to taste and reflect as they left ready to produce their own amazing competition style BBQ.


All in all it was a great turn-out and a great class. Thank you all for attending and I look forward to standing next to all these cooks on the podium in the near future.


Our next stop will be in the Houston, TX area where we will team up with William Powell AKA “Wild Bill” from Texas Select Seasonings. We will again present our award winning competition BBQ class to several teams while Bill cooks wild game and other great dishes on the new Pitts & Spitts pellet cooker. We hope to have our video blog up and running by then to capture all the fun.

Until then, keep BBQ fun, keep the smoke light, and make it work!


God Bless Y’all,





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